Looking to extract business value from your data in much less time?
Data Lake + Independence = Actionable Insights. Fast.

Our signature Data Lake course is the only AWS training taught using live instructions and real-time loading of messy data into a live (running) data lake instance, delivered hands-on by a seasoned data processing practitioner. You will experiment with live, interactive queries and data transformations directly on cloud data lake storage using "modern data lake approach" tuned for critical workloads, fueling the data pipelines, visualizations, dashboards, and reports for data sets large and small, always using the same platform regardless of size, running on relatively few nodes and adjustable for scalability based on your needs.

Learning to run interactive queries and data transformations directly on cloud storage, coupled with our low-code / no-code approach to data processing, allows you less-to-no-dependence on IT or data engineering. Our one-day Data Lake training is designed especially for data analysts to help you achieve true independence, liberate you from data processing bottlenecks in the IT department, and deliver on the promise of self-service analytics, that is extracting immense business value and actionable insights from your data in much less time, at least days or even weeks sooner, and independent from IT or data engineering.

This is the lead class of our Analytics Essentials Journey™ Series, all the end-to-end, hands-on courses you need to get AWS-certified and readily apply data lake technology to your work projects.  This course will take you on a journey from identifying business intelligence value in your data sets, to layering your data files in S3 for optimal partitioning in Glue, AWS' Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL/ELT) service for ingesting and cataloging data, to combining structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data sources using federated queries and analyzing them in Athena, to visualizing your data in QuickSight dashboards, to leveraging actionable insights in visualizations for making strategic business intelligence decisions. This course will get you started, and one day is short enough in anyone's speak so it would not impact your schedule or deadlines! That's the most effective and compact training you will find anywhere in the AWS Data Lake community, hands down! Sign up your whole team today to have each member receive a paperback copy of Alex Gorelik's indispensable textbook on building data lakes that deliver!
Book Cover - The Enterprise Big Data Lake